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In SCHOOL: (Conversation...)
'Hey how r u? '
'I am fine, what abt u?

'I am unhappy today'
'Whats wrong, why dont u say? '

'Nothin' wrong...theres something i long...'
'...to my friend it belong...'

'Can u get for me? '
'Why not? u r my friend Sunny'

'U brought back my smile'
'leave me alone for a while'

'Why? What have i done? '
'i said it just for fun...'

'Oh! okay u were kiddin''
'...n that is what makes happy living...'

'How sweet of u'
'so were u too....'

With Parents:
No matter how hard was life,
they cared for me,
when too dark was night,
so strong was their sight.

At present:
...in the present time,
Things aren't going fine,
hard work is the key,
better way is what i have to see.

full of hopes:
Is What i don' want?
A peaceful,
n beautiful world,
is what i always chant.

In Poems:
Nothin' special in me,
nor do i possess any,
Whenever i wanna say somethin',
says a poem written by me.

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