Tomorrow the day will bring freshness and beauty and all such things;

One could so easily be intoxicated with the tranquility of such simplicity.

Soar as the wren, through such vastness of space;
Fly through eternity, rest only at certainty.

Tonight the eve will bring darkness;

And with it the bleakness of chilled thoughts.

One is inflamed with the desires of mortality.

To live on forever, never stopping, as the wren, at certainty.

Today the noon will mirror the glare of heat, the brashness of life.

One will scream with anguish from his furrows.

Will day never end, will anguish never cease.

Oh to fly on, to leave life, destiny behind.

This morning past one did not know what awaited the day.

He trembled with anxieties, not one did he hold.

For the vastness of unrelented time was beyond comprehension.

To live and see one must fall from the nest.

e raoul palin

by Edwin Palin

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Hi Edwin...this is very well are a master at this style of my oh, so humble opinion...but...I know what I see...and I see this as very, very well done... Lare Austin