HZK ( / Karachi, Pakistan)


Great blessings are bestowed upon mankind
So many in number hard to bear in mind
Yet, as on fate the time carves acerbic remarks
Around the girth of sentiments, the lives wind

Among the options we have to make a choice
And often the ones endearing, we must sacrifice
If for an affection, we willingly burn through hell
For the sake of other we put ourselves on ice

Why is life made so complicated
Why does truth have to be edited
While the ones loving with honour, are to be left behind
Why those who affront us must be uplifted

The hardships, aggression, endeavour and pain
Going through the war of emotions, what is the gain
A simple end it is to the intricate life
We take nothing along hereafter, all is gone in vain

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Why does truth have to be edited- Truth the criminal truth Eternally erased like profanity from life’s blackboard Tossed like fritter in seething oil Tossed from cliffs treacherously high But has a way to rebound Unleash un-cuffed it comes to hound Inspired by Shaikh Ayaz’s poem “ Such Wado Dohari A”
a wise and compassionate narrative showing clearly what's important and what must be done for the heart to find happiness a fine poem