Life is like frozen ice
Its body is hard and chill
Life looks priceful and nice
When all demands come out to fulfil
Just as water get solid shape
When coolness comes to tip.

Life is like a fragrant rose
Its aroma spreads all around
When gets it nourishing dose
Just as rose needs love unbound,
To keep its beauty on
From dawn to dusk, on and on..

by Pijush Biswas

Comments (13)

frozen ice, and a fragrant rose.......rose and love, beauty, , , , , , , , , , a very nice poem positing the contrasts and making it very effective......... thank u dear poet. tony
your poem was a good read... thanx for sharing.
Beautiful write...Life is like frozen ice...nice. is simply great like your metaphoric poem....nice thanks...
Biswas This poem is a creative and compelling composition about life. Keep on keeping on!
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