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Life- 2

Not just mixing in some proportion

Or grafting or cloning one to one

It is not an experiment of biotechnology

It’s not a virtual lab

To have the animated figures

To speak the recorded lines

A simple touch of silken thread – the love of mother

That infuses lively feelings of care and cuddle

Sharing the flesh and blood a supreme creation

The birth starts mortgaging life to love.

The commemoration of hiding

Coyly my face in mother’s pallu

Have I groped for sanctuary?

Have I racked the heaven and hell

To burrow my face in the unseen shoulders

To reassure myself that I am secured

This is not a veiled fact– the philosophy

This is not a drama with preludes and interludes

This is life it surges and makes path

It will not flow in excavated chunks and bits.

This is life it lives and enlivens the world.


by swatee sripada

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