Poem By Daniel ojogba Joseph

What is life?
A bed of roses or a pillow of thorns?
A slowy cascade or a speedy pool?
A gentle vale or a steepy cape?
A bright night or a dark day?

A farm of brothers or a horde of rivals?
An harvest of love or the sowing of hate?
A world of you(s) and me(s) or a world of us?
Where we shed joyful tears or gnash with painful teeth?
O life; pain we must enjoy and gain that shouldn't drive us insane.

Comments about Life

An harvest of love...we shall make life a harvest of love...... this is my prayer to you. let all the inhibitions go.. let us make it real love. hatred kills you.....remembrance of the wounds kill you...... let us love dear poet. dev
Wow! That made me sit up and listen. Exceptionally well written which is important in writing a poem. But more than that, your style built up to an emotional climax in a philosophical poem. In other words, we need to hear your voice and we need to hear it often.
O life; pain we must enjoy and gain that shouldn't drive us insane. it is a great ability to accept and take all that is negative... all pains and sufferings and then go on. such men and women will achieve success. tha nkyou for this great idea. tony
let us have more of your poems, Joseph, if they are as good as this one. Tom Billsborough
Life is not very smooth always. Nice work.

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