Dust Spec Memoranda

longing for
the creator's next midrift uprise to entice the yellow belly buzzards to eat their prosthetic faces off annorexic bodies.

for least desirable goodbyes to escape my lips.
for my first foottrail to collect my wits.
i wonder if lonely will surface and burden my 'ditch this' mentality

homesick easy

spring awaits my joyous laughter at afar's vantage point.
mother nature's offering me peace, but only if i can handle the draft from far beyond my back door.

i clash in neverland's neverending story, a childhood oracle.
grey matter solluble and fading as she screams: I AM THE NOTHING!
and, legibly, i raise my head in reply;
only to find it was my voice modestly maintaining my dust spec memoranda.

by rhiannon fisher

Comments (3)

A fabulous poem.. rich poetic expression...10
When I try to progress or move Forward you are there to stop me expression of anger against all those who are against your progress.... tony
everyone is me again, thoughtful and beautiful