Poem Hunter
AO (4-22-87 / Torrington, CT)


My life is one of a kind
I've been through more than you think
Haven't seen anyone get shot
But I've had a gun to my face
Been chased out my house with a shoty
Because my pops went psycho
Now he scared my best-friend for life

I've seen my sister get molested
And mother get raped
I've seen my family doing drugs
And doing drug deals
People might say I haven't seen alot
Yet they don't know me
How can they judge me?

Everything I know I taught myself
I've basically raised mtself
Always had to look after my sister
Making sure she learned right from wrong
But I guess I didn't do a good job
I left her and my brother did too
Now my mother has to raise her
She doesn't know a dame thing
Granted she knows how to get drunk and mad
She can fill your head with lies
Look that's what she did to me

Tryed to hit me, but she knew better
Now I've left her, she put me through to much
Couldn't take it anymore
Now she cries her fake tears
Everyone believes her
Thats her spell on them
People don't even really no her
Just the shit she be feading them
Lies, Lies, Lies and more Lies
If only they could really see her
I guess that's the way it is
My life is one of a kind

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Rape hit and molesation hit hard at our house to Sorry for you