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SP ( / Mumbai)


Have you ever wondered
Why life's dealt you such a difficult hand?
In those dark nights, lying alone in your bed,
With no one to comfort you, no one to listen...

You wake up to a dank rainy morning,
The very sky condemns you.
Will the sun ever break through the clouds?
Will that storm in your heart ever lessen?

But then you realize that everyone else
Walks through that same storm.
And those storm clouds above you don't look
so threatening anymore.

Will you wake up and breathe,
Let the rainfall pour down onto your face.
And wait for the day
When you feel the sun's warm golden embrace.

So just wait and live.
So just wait and learn.
So just wait and see the love of those around you.

So just wait and stand.
So just wait and be.
So just wait...for me...to find you.

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Comments (2)

Positive and hopeful - like a lily in a field.
This is a lovely poem, we must learn to have patience definitely, something good is worth waiting for afterall. Thankyou--Melvina--