Poem By elizabeth flores

life sucks wen u have nobody that cares
nobody that gives and shares
life sucks wen u have nobody there 4 u
nobody that says i love u 2
life sucks wen they tell u wat 2 do
or wen they scream and hit u
theres nobody that loves me anymore
so theres nobody i should care 4
untill now, wen u came
life 4 me was never the same
u tought me how 2 give and share
u tought me how love and care
u tought me how 2 be there 4 u
and 2 say i love u 2
i dont need 2 b scared and alone anymore
cause i have u 2 b there 4
i love u and u love me
thats how life should really be

bay Elizabeth Flores
age 15

Comments about Life

I love that poem. It realtes well to how poeple dont know how good life is untill someone shows them.

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