You live in a place,
& this place to you is known as your life.
You live everyday,
& watch everyone learn, struggle, & live their life, as they try to live it eachday.
You live wishing about tomorrow,
& the years to come, of what may happen between you, & the rest of the world.
You live knowing that you get some,
& then again, you loose some of the most important 'things' in your life.
You live knowing you may never get these 'things' back,
but you struggle, & live your life trying to do what you can to make it perfect.
Life will never be perfect, but as long as you smile, laugh, & make the best dreams, wishes, goals, & thoughts as best as you can make them, life will be as perfect as it will ever become.

by Katie P...

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Great message told in this write. Keep writing, Katie