Live can be anything but living
Death by stuck up apologies
Engrossed by forgiving

Baby, your life’s anything but living
Stay on the path
Scarred by the wrath
That they gave you
It’s so deep, dwelling in you
Sorrow clung under you eyes
Till it bruises blue
They always knew how to use you

An animal inside
Believed to have died
In days so long ago
For if they did know
Chained in a cell
Mates with the angel
Fallen to hell

Baby, I didn’t ask you
For your cold opinions
That gave life a hue
Of glamour in a death
Let them set me to rest
With your weight
Your sin upon my chest
And your beliefs in my dead breast
I never asked you

Trust has dealt a fault
And now I am caught
Lost in my rot
In a coffin,
So very lost
Kissing the cost
A life without living

by Kathryn Garner

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Another great poem. Love the use of words. Chilling. -Kylie M. Lynch