Life is a whisper -
a passing glance at never ending eternity.

One's lifetime is but a brief moment
in a vast expanse of continuing evolution.

Life evolves and revolves in each generation
of every advancement of civilization.

Each life is a time, a place,
a moment of truth to be treasured.
A Glimpse Into The Future? Death - pungent odor permeates the air. Feces, urine flow like water, Dehydration, starvation gnaw at little bodies, claim lives young and old - mourning, despair, hopelessness. Stampeding for food and water, grabbing, pushing, shoving, knocking down, killing - insanity - people turned animals.
A Glimpse Into The Future? The Outcome Of Civilization? - herds of people from massive population - misused, overworked lands deserts - scarcity of food, water - people carnivorous eating one another, sucking blood from bodies for fluid?
Think mankind before disregard for human life, ecology, political gain, greed, outweigh all achievements of humanity - People Too Numerous To Count, No Food, No Water, Humans Regressed To Primitive Man.

by Grace Elgart

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