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Face Of Kenya
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Face Of Kenya

Poem By Anzelyne shideshe

I’ve been holding my breath for so long
Make it stop
Tugging at the anchor with all my might
But it will not budge and the shackles around my ankles
Hold just as tight

People in my life dragging me down
Keeping me under
I am finally free of them
No more struggling
Found new people
To bring me to the surface
To let me breath
Give me life

Forgot the feeling of being alive
Look to the past only to learn nothing
How could I have done that?
Over and over and over and over
Four times is four too many
Could not see my decisions clearer than now
How mistaken I was

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The interesting judgement … approaches evolutionary process of the clear decision, but 'I laugh amidst the crying and shouting For I rule over all'