Life what's the perpouse of it all?
Live why you can. It's all just a doomed exitence anyway.
Your born and the clock to death starts.
For some it's short, others will live out this pitaful existance.
There is no great secret to life.
You grow, develop and live what life you can.
The human race is a stain in the history of the universe.
We had a topia of life and peace, then we destroyed it all.
Intellagence is the key to this distruction.
It is no gift but yet a curse on mankind.
Growing intellagence is what started and will continue to destroy us.
So in a way life is a curse.
We are all cursed to live and breed more intellagence.
The human race clams high intellagence to be the rise of the species.
The smarter we get the worse off we all are and are chance of survival.
The smarter we are the more we are all forced to suffer.
Soon we along with the planet will be just a ball of dust in space.
Just a small riple in the in the universe for all time.
We shall be ripped from time and space with no history.
So I ask you.......
What is life?

by Aaron Leaver

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