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Poem By Amber Carter


Life has it's ups and downs

It's like a rollercoaster ride
As you go up your adrenaline goes with it

When you go down you let it all out.

Life is full of surprises,

And can be good when you live it to the fullest

There can be fortune and fame in the future

Then again,

Life can be a waste of time when you feel the world has turned against you.

Life can be cruel and can leave you in misery and despair.

Some experiences can be both good and bad

But you learn and live with your experiences.

Life also comes and goes,

When it comes it is considered a precious joy and can fill your life with happiness,

It's a time for celebration of any kind

But when it goes, it is a time for mourning,

Sadness and pain,

But when you finally learn to cope with the pain you can live your life

It can be hard at first

You miss the person, but there is nothing you can do

There is really nothing you can do or say to them

You can just pray and hope they have moved on to a better place

Life is like a rollercoaster ride

And full of surprises

It can be good
Or it can be bad


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Amber, this is a wonderful write and I really enjoyed the read. Thank you for sharing it with us. May peace and joy fill your heart each and everyday. Scott