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Life does not wait on anyone;
It continues on even without the sun.
Day to night, months to years;
It can cause you happiness even make you shed tears.
It doesn't matter how young you look or feel,
The years will set in. Your youth life will steal.
But life glorified as it is; with all its wrongs and rights,
Is something we all continue to fight.
Let it run its course along the side of fate and destiny,
And not let us look at it with such scrutiny.
For we do not know what time it is to end,
Let us not let it wither away with such pretend.
When our life time has run its course,
God will carry us home on a magnificent white horse.
But till that day is to come,
Do not wait in the shadow of life like a bum.
As we perceive life so much as a gift;
We should not just let it simply drift.

by Amber Smith

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