TW (09-27-1989 / Jamaica)


Life is the sky blue and clear
Life is something we should all hold dear.
Life is the stress we need to relieve.
Life is more disasterous than we would ever believe.
Life is destiny ever changing and true.
Life throws us problems no matter what we do.
Life is an ice cube on the beach on a hot summer day.
Life is like that ice cube quickly melts away.
Life is a light slowly fading.
Life is something that is worth the time saving.
Life as we know can be quite aggravating.
Life is a battle we must fight.
Life is day and death is night.
Life is a foe from which we cannot hide.
Life's a set of rules by which we must abide.
Life is upredictable like the seas themselves.
Life is a ride through heaven and hell.

by Troy Williams

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