Love Builds The Bridge

The years went by and I went along
I tried to run but now I can hardly stand
we watched as children were born
Love builds the bridge
And I felt the change
Between your heart and mine

When joy came
We sometimes acted like clowns
Ending up smiling and loosing the frown
Disappointment brought us to the ground

Romance was a chance
Dreams disappear into the distance
Cruel emotions twisting my soul into a trance

God stood by like an angel in disguise
Turning our little home into happier times
Life is full of love again
Praise God for the miracle amidst the pain

by Gerry Legister

Comments (7)

I am going to recite this poem for UIL
I love the imagery in your poems. :)
very impressive i like it alot. very true. and sincere.
i thought it was fantastic very good poetry!
very nice poem, has a great essence, my name is calder too! : P
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