AK (26 July 1985 / Mumbai)


I sometimes wonder what life is all about
Is it a race or is it a bout?

You see dreams and you see them break
Your heart hurts but a smile you fake
You have a love and see it go
And your feelings to none you can show

Friends desert you in time of need
You call for help but none pays heed
You hurt others and get hurt in return
Cos to fill your stomachs you need to earn

We miss so much of life’s beauties
Our whole life chained by duties
Is it what life is all about?
It sure is funny, no doubt

And at last, what do we achieve?
A few friends for our end to grieve
Battles you may win quite a few
But they vanish as quick as dew

Victory lies as far as the sun
The war of life can never be won

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I liked the flow of this poem. Very well written.