Life is a mystery,
if I only knew what's in my future,
I would have enjoyed all this very moment.

Life is a puzzle,
If I only knew how to fit in the pieces,
I would have solved an endless enigma of desires.

Life is a riddle,
if I only understood its underlying meaning,
I would have enjoyed the ups and down of the life.

Life is like a coin,
On one side of the flip,
it's love, joy and happiness,
On the other side of the flip,
it's despair, loneliness and unhappiness.

Life is like the nature's never ending weather cycle,
Spring brings the birth of a new life,
The seeds of hope and emotions start to prosper,
Summer brings the ultimate desire to cherish,
the pleasures, love and lust in life,
Fall seems not far behind to remind us,
there is so much to do and yet so little time,
Winter brings the calm and philosophy,
Life is an adventure, a gift from God,
Take the life in stride,
As the end may be lurking on side.

by Jay P Narain

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