Life - A Coin With Two Sides

Poem By Kavitha Krishnamurthy

A lush land full of greenish life
Defying my state of heart
My arid heart, washed hopes
A comatose leaf, was it me?
The serene surrounding full of bliss
But I stood crying within

I saw a tractor approaching far
Crushed the saplings, tossed them away
Was it my curse, I never knew
A moment of jealously, but now I felt pity
Crystal clear tears settled in my eyes
My heart thawed, my twinges doubled

The season changed, it was full of gloom
The sinister cloud was laughing aloud
As if pleased, the drops so sweet
My salty tears kept on pouring
Blending together they neutralized each other
Telling me that life is a coin with two sides

It was an unbearable sight
To see once flourishing land totally barren
I closed my eyes, my tears froze
A silent prayer came from my heart
Suddenly something crawled beneath
Something slimy and smooth peeped out

I saw a group of earthworms appear
The land was not desolated anymore
Life still existed but in a different form
A fresh hope was filled inside me
I wiped off my tears and was now strong
To face the challenges with a smile…..

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