Life: A Repeat Performance

Life is arepeat performance
of the same scenes
by different actors
as others before them
On this stage called life
nothing is new
Everyone gets their turn
by and by
to take centre stage
in some or other drama of life...
Sometimes with excruciating pain
Sometimes with rapturous joy
As life mindlessly continues
to roll forward it propels us
on to the next scene
Thus the end is the beginning
that will end at the start
of the next scene of life

♕poetess haidee majola
all rights reserved

by Haidee Majola

Comments (25)

Thanks for reminding us that we are the starring of our own life I'm my own superhero
Shakespeare's master piece All the world’s a stage is brilliantly presented in a different dimension in this wonderful piece of work! I congratulate you once again! .
I concur to the wonderful comment of Bernard. The cycle of life has been cleverly painted on the beautiful canvas of.this poem. Well composed and conveyed write. Congratulations!
A very perceptive and powerful write on life. Yes, life is a repeat performance yet the uniqueness of each and everyone of us makes the performance colorful and diverse.
i was just reminded of All the world is a stage........ very nice poem with a philosophy of your own. tony
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