Life Addict

A desperate binge
that plunges the human psyche into numbness and happiness all in one blow,
interests don’t lie in the action but the motivations behind the action.

What exactly drives a human being
into the depths of such behavior?
Sometimes a day in the life
is just that
a day in the life of a human being,
billions of other lost souls wandering over a sphere looking for meaning-ness happiness and sometimes just wandering until things make sense.

Everyone and I really do mean everyone has some sort of comfort,
sometimes public
sometimes hidden
but I assure you it’s there,
from the
homeless junk addict searching for redemption in a syringe
to the
preachers who engage in pedophilia and
then sleep with a hard covered leather bound book
under their pillow at night,
it all works on some level in life, in fiction and beyond.

Everybody needs something and to take that one sacred relic away would mean desolation
in the mind of the user,
we are all addicts,
addicted to possession.

by Ian Murdoch

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