Life After Tsunami

Poem By Anurag Tiwari

Now fear even don’t act like weapons
An angel making the toxic ting attempts
As if the town has not yet made any
Significant seizures on lives of many.

Empty streets holding abandoned houses
Blank windows looking at shadows
Of chimneys standing against silvery cries
Of blue moon running through black clouds

The ghosts walking over dead bones
Tears being burnt in sweating fire
Screams for cheers on worn-out attire
Silent at gunpoint to choose bread clones

Abused, ashamed yet innocent feelings
Ruined along the way of laughing soldiers
Marking their world by raping slowly, a starving country
Slaughtered silence, limitless choices, as if whores in plenty

Considering the fact that noise is sanctum venoms
No refusals to say, which will never even matter
No rituals to claim, that we meant to end up here
Forgiving the re-act, savior of city’s tantrum re-runs

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