Life Ahoy!

Being anchored in life's harbour is safe,
the horizon remains constant.
Any squally storms may seek to subjugate you,
but shelter provided by the sea walls.
It cocoons you from the reality of savage seas
that would rip your soul,
and commit it
to the depths of the unfathomable ocean.
But life,
true life,
one worth living, demands
to find a navigable route through existence.
When finding one path blocked- try another!
If one way doesn't work- change tack-
Sail your boat!
Sail it onward into another wind.
Pick up the breeze
and let it fill the sails that drives you on.
You may be propelled gratuitously on the scabrous waves,
but baton down the hatches…
Put on a life jacket!
learn to swim!
There are times when you sail windward and you will be riding high-
So very high…
And then leeward
when the times are low …
so very low….
But stay at the helm, adjust your tiller,
you may have to choose to tack or jibe
but choose..
Always choose!
Life is made on choices- living is made by choosing
The thrill of heeling over when your sail fills and you feel the speed increase!
Sweeping you through life's seas -onward, onward
Check your point of sail as you head to an unknown port.
Know where your destination lies..
Seek it firstly by looking outward,
searching the oceans vastness
for a vista in the distance.
Use your instinct as a compass,
but remember-
always remember
to look,
to look skyward
and always,
to follow the stars.

by Lodigiana Poetess

Comments (2)

beautifully written and constructed 10++
The breeze is amazingly picked up checking up with pint to sail. This is an amazing poem brilliantly penned here...10