Life And Death

Yes, the fabulous day was my birth,
The identity of one, me, exist,
So precisely in this infinity universe,
Ohh! It must be miracle, intended,
By the superficial thoughts gathered
By the uncontrolled energy of cosmos,
Controlled with the deep concious,
Hidden in the core of the multiverse,

The celebration should be begun,
With the roar of lions, the voice of Koel,
The lyrics of emotions, the beauty of nature,
Ahhh! The best part of being alive.

The way winds touches my skins,
The mystical nights, essence of moonlit,
The random path followed by the birds
In the high sky seem pretty similar,
To the fish swims bizarrely in deep ocean,
Eerie! the ecstasy to born on wonderland.

The fine coordination of events,
Hidden mystery inside the crust,
The sense of humour, crow, create,
The colourful engrave, peacock, holds
The actual mess seems pretty similar

Ohh! The great Earth, I owe you, lot
The most, you, provide, identity,
Then the feels of emotions, ecstasy,
But here is the law i can't deny
One who born must die,
So, I got one theory again,
The way of life shared a moment,
Full of blissfulness, ecstasy, romance,
Then, the end is the most meaningful
And I will end with my death.
Ladies and gentleman
I will end with my death.

by Bigyan Mainali

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A nice poetic imagination, Bigyan. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks