Life And Death

On average by a few years the woman outlives the man
But the longest lived human life in real time not a long span
As the title of an old song 'The longer you live the sooner you will die'
Words based on fact and fact never does lie

Whatever your life achievements death of you is ahead
Live for as long as you can you will be forever dead
Of the praises of death you will not hear many sing
For as long as you can do to life try to cling

Death does await you despite what you have achieved or done
And tomorrow will dawn but not for everyone
From the Reaper of lives there is nowhere to hide
Though to end their own lives some people decide

You may be quite talented and know of success
But life is the greatest gift you do possess
Death makes equal the pauper and those of a great name
Life's reaper cannot be bribed by those of money and fame

The longest lived human life is not that long after all
To the scythe of life's reaper we eventually does fall
No matter what you achieve in life death of you is ahead
Live for as long as you can do you will be forever dead.

by Francis Duggan

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