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Life And Death

It is said that there is a time to be born and a time to die
Many ask – who decides how long we live on this earth?
We all know that no human being can live forever
Can we humans prolong our life on earth?

Human beings have the power to make choices in life
The choices we make in life can determine our longevity
Surely, the food we eat can lengthen our life’s span
Eating the right food can enable us to live longer
While eating the wrong food can shorten our life’s span

Occasionally, we are the architect of our own misfortune
A drunk driver who died in a motor accident
has nobody to blame for his or her untimely death
A drug-addict who fainted and died in his or her twenties
can only blame himself or herself for the premature death

Some ponder – do our zodiac signs determine our life’s span?
Reality reveals that zodiac signs do not decide our longevity
Historically, people of the same zodiac signs die at various ages
Even twins who arrive on this earth on the same day
Will never depart planet earth on the same day

Few speculate – do marital life lengthens or shortens our life?
There are various arguments for the yes and the no
It also depends on the type and kind of partners we have
As well as the quality of life the couples experience

Others ask – do where we live determine our longevity?
There are many who die prematurely in some places
because they lack access to superior medical facilities
There are those who experience untimely death
because they live in poor and unhygienic environment

We must recognize that deaths resulting from natural disasters
such as earthquake, hurricane, tornado, tsunami and floods
can be beyond human control irrespective of all emergency planning
Wherever you may be living on this earth, please enjoy your life
Stay happy, contented and think of all the goodness in the world

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