Life And Death Are Twine

Life and death are twine
Inseparable opposite twins

They hang together on a thin thread
Blown and swinging on a rope

A moment there is life
Other moment there is death

When there is no breath
or heart beats there is death

Life is a precarious thing
Try your best to preserve it

The shadow of death
Brings fear and agony

As long as there is hope
Lust for life is tremendous

Health and fitness are gemstones
Precious as a crown of gold

The desire of survival
An instinct nature has bestowed

Like a rising sun and its rays
Piercing the darkness of the night

You may wish to live forever
But time is absolute grind

The farewell rays of the sinking sun
Announce the end of the day bright lights

Death is a cup that has been tasted by everyone
From that time of immemorial never been written

A cup that was drunk by the powerful
The king, queen, the mighty and tyrant

A common cup for the rich and the poor
The sage, the wise and the fool

The tree full of fruits in hot summer
The tree bare of fruits in cool winter

The garden full of flowers in spring
The crisp brown leafs in autumn

The joyful life is full of bloom
The shadow of death is thedark clouds

The happy moment of birth and its celebration
The time of death of tears and sorrows

The fear of death of yourself
The fear of death of your loved ones

Lot of concerns and sadness
Lot of worries and helplessness

Death is unwelcome and morbid
You do not need thought of death to absorb you

Through passage of times and through the ages
We have learned to drive away the constant thought of death

It is human instinct to look forward
Not to dwell on unhappy thoughts

If you are enjoying life
You wishto live forever

If life turns sour and pain
You may wish to depart away

For the faithful and optimist
There will be another life in mysterious way

And blessings of the creator
and doves and singing angels

by Sherif Monem

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