Life And Roses

My roses are fading one by one
They no longer feel the warm evening sun.
There's no blue bird on my window sill,
But I can still hear the call of the Whip O WIll
My summers' garden has lost its glow,
But there's one thing we should all know
Life is like a rose; someday it will fade away.
So make the best of it day by day.
Are you leaving a ray of sunshine for someone else along the way?
Do you speak kind words to someone in pain?
Do you listen to what others have to say?
Or do you just turn and walk away?
Yes, life it like a rose that is kissed by the dew
So beautiful for all to see.
Is your life like a rose?
Do others see beauty in you?
Time and words cannot be recalled,
But the life you live can leave behind beauty,
Sweet words, good memories and most of all
A rose that will never fade in their minds.

by Margie Driver

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