Life And Those Who Live It

What you tell others you do for me,
And how you regard my presence in your life...
Are just mere words you use to entertain their attention.
What you say to others is not what I've witnessed.

I've witnessed you using my abilities to call them your own.
I've witnessed you lieing to defend your inappropriate activities,
Because you lack backbone to stand on your own two feet.
And I've been victimized by you several times,
And this I have condoned but to you it has gone unknown.

The only fool you have taken me for and believe I am,
Is the fool who acknowledges...
The you I should have left alone,
A long time ago!

The only thing you can accuse me of doing,
Is being overly patient...
With someone who has manage to take,
Life and those who live it...
Totally for granted!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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