Life And Time Zones

Modern Contemporary Poetry

Life And Time Zones

we gasp at birth..... to inhale life
reach for the unknown........fingers grasp unseen blight
cry we more...... to insist our way

tears wet for hunger
wail for needy items of substance
warm the breast of milk honey.....comfort hugs this soul
cozy, loving arms so tender

familiar the voice of lullaby
as cradles rock, songs they sing
sleep surrenders it's golden offer
while the music of night stays a mystery

eyes once closed to preparation
glance to see love the vision
and laugh in innocents........sweet dreams
grow in blankets nestling

time moves as the stars and moon
as growth births a man
to walk alone on ground sturdy
then the clock tick tocks to stop
while that first gasp becomes the last

by Myrtle Thomas

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