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Life As I See It (Revised)

Life is just one big hell-hole,
Where everybody slowly burns.
But soon one stirs up trouble,
No one ever learns.

This one ignites the low-lying flames,
Then the whole place is set ablaze
Everyone panics,
Everyone is afraid.

A bucket of water,
To douse the flames.
Everything seems under control,
Everything’s scaled back once more.

Yet fire still smolders,
Within people’s hearts.
One heart is revealed,
And cannot be concealed,
A leaf is then set ablaze.

This leaf spreads the flame,
It spreads torture and maim,
All the hearts feel the pain,
Because of just one leaf set a-flame.

And as such, someday,
We will all burn away.
Along with this hell,
Where integrity fell.

But the fiery end,
Will never come soon enough,
And the path to the end,
Will torture us in our hearts.

We bring it upon ourselves,
By playing with fire.
We can do nothing to stop it,
No matter the desire.

Once the blaze has again begun,
Playing with fire is no longer fun.
And everyone frets, is it over yet?
This fire which will consume us all.



(Okay, there is the edited's fairly darker than my other works...)

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