Life At Loss

Happiness is state
You openly feel and state
Your face lines express
He charm is reflected on face

Not wealth alone
But mind too well tuned
Along with good heath
Then there is joy for taking breathe

The poor makes deep breathe
Always expects early death
Freedom from burden and load
It is too heavy to live in world

Happiness is outcome
And is always welcome
Even poor enjoys it at full scale
When treasure remains as simple tale

If you have no square meal in time
Miss it completely but think it as not worrisome
If God has given teeth, it shall prove food
This message must be understood

Life shall give some meaning
You will be more caring
The message shall be spread across
In absence of happiness, life is at loss

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Needs work Chanel Galaza19 minutes ago I like the message, but needs tweaked. 18 minutes ago
great Alonge Benjamin15 minutes ago The message is beautiful... Comment +1 18 minutes ago
Post like it nicole guse18 minutes ago it flows really well, it; s very deep and meaningfull Comment +1 18 minutes
Happiness is state You openly feel and state