(26 DEC 1943 / Wyandotte MI)

Life Be Not Proud

When proud ones boast
Of all that is loftiest
In his faith,
In her flag,
In the hue of their skin
The Devil licks his chops
In lustful salivation.

When caring souls
Reach out to offer
A bowl of rice,
A healing dose,
An understanding ear,
An open heart
Satan clutches his dry throat
Gasping for air.

by Robert Charles Howard

Comments (16)

We need more caring souls and not those proud ones, Let the meek inherit this earth! -Raj Nandy
Amen, Maestro. Profound message - and a great title.
the message is powerfully packed..The piece said it all. It pays to be humble, and not to brag your talents, your riches and your position in the society.
very good..i like it
And this IS how it is... Well done and thank you, Robert. Esther
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