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Life Beautiful
(5 May 1956 - / Sinapali, Nuapara, Orissa / India)

Life Beautiful

Poem By Harekrishna Meher

Life is beautiful.
Beautiful is the penance-grove of physical body.
Verily love is eternal, effulgent,
supernal and sacred.

In the changing mortal region,
do bear all pleasure and pain like shade and heat.
Having human life, do step in the right path.
Go ahead; don’t be puffed up with pride.
Ramble in righteousness while performing deeds.
In the golden opportune moment,
do have some new new innovations.

Offer fragrance of flower befittingly.
Bestow cheers and gaieties
graceful with winsome smiling.
Be Sun-like and dispel darkness.
Scatter brilliance and radiance of stars.
Form the soft honeyed coolness of moonbeams.
Of cuckoos and brooks,
compose simple lovely lilt
overflowing with beatitude.

In own conch Panchajanya endowed with nobility,
spread sonorous sound discarding all dizziness.
Practise attentively the attribute
of the black-throated God Siva
and yourself victorious, do threaten
the pangs of distress caused by poison.
Give up slumber in the mundane stage;
Actively awake in the household complexities.
Very intricate is the time of unstable youth.

Further lucidity in the firmament of mind.
Break up carelessness while in pleasure.
With your own vigour,
worship the Mother Earth,
the receptacle of all riches.
Take resort to the auspicious affinity
of the noble persons.
Don’t take rest against injustice.
Create profusely the inner strength of your mind.
Don’t run after useless matters.

Behold the universe and the Almighty God nectareous;
also behold love and peace in the hearts of all.
Render the best well-being to others.
Acquire glory resplendent with a fair form.
Count the greatness of humanism.
Deliberate over the eternal phenomenon
that forms noble feelings in all the selves.
Life is beautiful.

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good.........expect more poems from u........