Life Can Be A Battle For Some Every Day

Life can be a battle for some every day
But only the bravest keep battling away
When most hope of better things for them from them has gone
Only the bravest at such times do keep battling on

So many with lady luck not on their side
Do bring an end to their lives woes in suicide
The worries that envelope them their spirit does break
Suppose there is only so much any one person can take

But only the bravest can make big worries seem small
As people they must be the bravest of all
They never complain and say life is unfair
They keep battling on in the face of despair

Life can be a battle for those doing it tough
But only the bravest they are brave enough
To keep battling on despite all they have lost
Though life's lessons to them have come at a cost.

by Francis Duggan

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