Life Can Be A Battle It Does Seem

It is a tough World the World out there
And for many life's journey does lead to nowhere
And for everyone life is not always fair
And so many are battling their black moods of despair

So many in life seem to have lost their way
And the social gap keeps on widening by the day
And you will only find equality where dead people lay
But then such is life as some do like to say

Though dreams for the majority do not come true
Most people do have their own desires to pursue
In a World where many do fail for one to succeed
Something to aspire to in life we do need

A tough enough World to live in for many it does seem
Where billions are in need of a boost to their self esteem
And a challenge of some sort to face every day
Life can be a battle it does seem this way.

by Francis Duggan

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