Life Can Be Full Of Surprises

In the religious community he is seen as rather odd
He is looked on as a damned one the man without God
Doesn't go to house of worship at the weekend for to pray
For to be looked on as different there's some price for one to pay.

Of how his religious neighbours feel about him he is only too aware
But since he isn't one of their flock of their judgements of him he doesn't care
At the pub when he is merry he joins in the sing along
And he knows the words off by heart of many a bawdy song.

He lives on the street of all church goers which makes him the odd one out
But it doesn't seem to bother him if his neighbours his worth do doubt
In his prime in his mid twenties with many women in his life
And unbeknown to all one of them is the local Minister's wife.

Old enough to be his mother and to a very devout man wed
Her son and daughter in their twenties and her husband useless in bed
And though a religious person the bored housewife likes her fling
For to have a handsome virile younger lover for her an exciting thing.

He doesn't go to the house of worship on saturday evening or sunday
An agnostic or an atheist you can call him what you may
But the local Minister's wife without saying so thinks he is quite okay
Life can be full of surprises it has always been this way.

by Francis Duggan

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