Life Can Be Heartbreaking

Life can be heartbreaking would you not agree
He studied and worked hard for his science degree
Graduated with honors a great career of him seemed ahead
But now he lay lifeless in the place of the dead

One of the brightest young people on his side of the town
On a pedestrian crossing he was struck and knocked down
By the driver of a stolen car in a case of hit and run
He died on the street in the mid morning sun

Of how long we live there is no guarantee
On July the eight he would turn twenty three
Grieved by his friends and family and the woman who was to be his wife
Suppose he was not meant for to live a long life

A handsome young man with a brilliant mind
He was a good person known to be caring and kind
At his funeral elegy his praises were sung
In his case it is true the good do die young

A life tragically cut short that does seem sad to say
Suppose it was destined he should die in this way
Since we are after all born to mortality
And the way that we die is part of our life's destiny.

by Francis Duggan

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