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Life Changing
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Life Changing

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

To know and value,
Truth to discover.
Is a life changing experience.
A mind altering awareness.
That its presence can not be explained.
Nor is it an opinion given.
In the hope to convince anyone else,
The importance and significance...
Truth has to keep it spoken.
Or ignore as some will choose.

Produced and done,
At times abruptly.
Can and will offend anyone,
Attempting to defend...
Against the audacity of it being heard.
As if to ruffle the feathers,
Of squawking birds.
This makes no difference.
Or diminishes truth's value.
It only validates,
How truth can shake up kept pretensions.

When truth appears upon the scene,
Arguments created...
Allowed to escalate into heated debates.
Are not only childish.
But also reveals,
Those unfamiliar with truth.
Or can identify the reason why,
They despise it as much as they do.
With such a fuss to make!

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