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Life Charlotte

It happens so fast
You don't even realize...
until pain sets in

by M.J. Lemon

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I visited this poem second time for its philosophical ground and nice theme. Really it is a beautiful Senryu.
Very profound, Mark. The pain is telling us to slow down before it's too late.
Very true. For me this brings to mind my grandmother whose name was also Charlotte. I always wish I could have spent more time with her. You just never know when the hourglass is low on sand.
Because clock and heart is never meant to be nice to each other for long...and that is because what life is about feel, remain, learned, and all get repeated again as time keep flowing....Wonderful thoughts in minimal words!
Life carries many experiences and we feel these. Past goes back so far very fast. Pain still sets and we realize beauty of hope for getting joy in next step. An amazing meaningful poem is well penned....10
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