Life Committed

Commitment 2 life

To all the unseen believes and dreams
Awake the imbedded soul beneath me
The unseen faces
Soon to be with we
Cause we’re the need to resources.
Cliché’s the in-say’s say’s my new ways for doom day is not safe, Wait! ! !
Let it rain
The in-say’s hate the rain
Much pain for you hey, Cliché
Beneath the unseen dreams and fire,
My life expired
My angels couldn’t guide it.
Adrenaline fought it and my heart denied it
To you I confined it
Just to believe it,
Weren’t me that took my life it...
I was committed to my life commitments.
They sit and they vibe peacefully
But their deadly eyes, they confined it was them who committed my suicide it...
They tried to hide
But she did find the unseen life committed to me.
Cause I’m committed to the unseen ever living life.

by Ricardo Phillips

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