Life Descending

Darkness falls in shades of gray
Where sunlight once did shine,
Shadows gather deepening
Thoughts that once were mine;
Silence echoes all around
In loud and piercing pall
Lifeblood throbbing only sound
Within these darkened walls;
Slowly ebbing,
Slowly ebbing,
Emptiness is all surrounding
All consuming every breath
Void of color, only darkness
Velvet darkness touching death;
Peaceful quiet, peaceful nothing
No more thoughts forevermore
End is nearing, spirit clearing
Pathway leads to heaven's door -
Slowly ebbing,
Slowly ebbing,
Slowly ebbing
Nothing more.

by Linda Ori

Comments (4)

The ebbing of life is a very challenging object of contemplation, but this is a stunning triumph. The sense of loss is tangible and clear, but you flick a little light onto the proceedings in the very final stage. As Frank says, this is superior quality work. x jim
Linda, this is excellent.
LINDA...This is an absolutely awesome the refraining elements... abstract imagery places the final fleck of drape on this masterful picture window of darkverse..Got to hand it to you...I pride myself on darkside me...this is superior work...Think I better find a NEW strong suit''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''frank/fjr
the most beautiful death song...but sad...different folks different strokes...slowly ebbing but looking in awe and wonder would be my to you