Life Does Go On In The School-Yard

In the school-yard in the lunch break childhood games we did play
Though this is going back in time many a day
We were young and innocent but as young and innocent did not stay
And that we grew up too quickly now seems sad to say

Only memories remain of the what used to be
But a bigger World out there was for to see
The longest lived life in time not a long span
And the boy all too quickly grows into a man

No two life journeys exactly the same would you not agree
At least anyhow this is how it seems to me
And though i think of them when the past i do visit again
Of my friends for awhile only memories remain

Though all children do have their own dreams to pursue
It is said we receive from life what is our due
But the fact does remain and fact does not lie
Whatever we achieve in life we must die

Like me they are now in their lives twilight years
And for the past they too would have shed their last nostalgic tears
But life does go on in the school-yard lunch break today
The laughter of children as their childhood games they do play.

by Francis Duggan

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