Life Does Go On

It has been awhile since my hair was dark brown
Since i lived in Claraghatlea just west of Millstreet Town
And only the memories with me now remain
For me what has been and will never be again

In the groves and fields by my first home as a school going boy
Learning of Nature's ways i used to enjoy
And i do enjoy learning of her ways today
We learn till death as some are known to say

And of Nature's ways there is so much for to know
The dark brown river bird with breast as white as snow
The dipper sang where the stream rapids did flow
When the winds of rain above the old fields did blow

From Claraghatlea i have been too long away
To many i would be a stranger there today
When i left there i was past my life's prime
And this is going back now many years in time

But the old fields i loved many of them had their own given name
Today to me i am sure would look the same
As the fields i often walked in many years ago
Long before the tick of time became my foe

And only the memories with me do remain
Of places and faces i may not see again
We live in the now and the past it has gone
And time leaves us older and life does go on

by Francis Duggan

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