Life Does Have It's Heartaches

He has left town the sturdy young Kiwi shearer the fellow who is known as Jim
He has left a young woman heavy hearted Linda is so in love with him
The sheep have been shorn around these parts and more to be shorn elsewhere
The sheep farmers in need of more shearers in shearing sheds in the big country out there
Lovely brown haired Linda pines for the handsome dark haired young man
So carefree and full of life's youthful elan
She used to daydream he would make her his wife
But he has moved on without her in his life
For her handsome shearer she's easily moved to tears
The love ache is something that can linger for years
But new love will come to her on some future day
Time is a great healer since life is this way
She pines for a love that was not meant to be
Life does have it's heartaches that's how it seems to me.

by Francis Duggan

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