DS (270552 / Australia)

Life, Etc.

Break the flow of water,
the tidal wave of birth.
Wash a new survivor,
free from sea to earth.

Gaze upon horizons
of vast, unmeasured breadth.
Puzzle at the crazy chance
that plumbs the vortex depth.
Inhale deeply of the world,
savour your every breath,
wonder what the future holds
when the journey ends in death.
Till the journey is completed then,
and our mortal coils unwind,
accept the love of a simple man
and leave all fear behind.

Can you feel the winds of change
chill you to your bones?
Are your emotions so estranged
that you must live alone?
Do you wish for peace of mind,
or do you wish for power?
What resources will you find
if you seize the hour?
Grasp your opportunities,
grasp them with both hands.
Banish all insecurities
to remote and distant lands.
Till the challenge is accepted then,
and your quest has been achieved,
learn the humilty of a simple man
who yearns for life received.

Snuff out the spark of living.
Choke off the final breath.
Float from the broken vessel.
Beach on the shores of death.

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i like what i'm reading while peeping your poem files here...especially this romp through the stroll called life