Life Expectancy Index

You predict our Life expectancy
With your false indexes.
You continue to lower this figure each passing year.
You have reduced our average life expectancy
To as low as 44 years,
A prediction we will continued to defy to the glory of God.
Are we goods manufactured by you?
To carry your expiry date?
The One who gives life, takes it when he wishes.
Your life expectancy index is a sham,
A neo-colonial philosophy calculated to keep us dependent.
Our ancestors enjoyed longevity,
Without a single hospital in their time.
If at all we have a low average life expectancy,
It came as a result of our contact with you.
You exported your cancer and other diseases to us,
Through your canned and processed foods,
And the deadly chemicals you call medicine.
Our credulous leaders run to you for medication,
And they are ferried back to us as corpses.
You cannot shorten our life span with your predictions
When you manufacture your goods, put expiry dates on them,
But leave the expiry date of man in the hands of his Creator.

by Frank Adie

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